hayley | uk

basically i just really like taylor swift. and cats.


i'm not really reading anything at the moment... i'm halfway through split second by sophie mckenzie but i've kinda given up on it i think


new girl (if anyone has a link of where to watch it online let me know because i can't find one anywhere)

listening to

x (ed sheeran) and peroxide (nina nesbitt)

i recently reached 1k and i am so excited about it! thank you to everyone who follows me - you guys are awesome :)

i've been doing a bunch of stuff on my stuff page and you should totally go check it out because it's pretty awesome

Swift Worldwide

i co own swift worldwide which is basically a tumblr designed to help swifties find others - check it out!

1k party

this is over now, but you can see who won here

Swift Advice Blog

This is a blog I co-own which is like an advice blog. so if you ever have anything you want to talk about or need advice on you can come talk to someone here

Album 5 Network

i run this with nacha and it's basically a place to post your opinions on and pretty much anything relating to album 5. you can take a look at it and join here!

hayley; tell me, did you sail across the sun, did you make it to the milky way to see the lights are faded and that heaven is overrated?

...and a happy new year

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